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About Us

Automated Layout Technology, LLC is the maker of the Lightning Rail — the first automated marking machine created specifically for the layout of commercial handrails and stair stringers.
The Lightning Rail ALT

The Lightning Rail

For the fabricator looking to maximize their production time and more importantly, profits, the Lightning Rail is a smart decision.
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The Lightnight Rail ALT

Introducing the Lightning Rail — THE FIRST AUTOMATED MARKING MACHINE CREATED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE LAYOUT OF COMMERCIAL HANDRAILS AND STAIR STRINGERS. With its unique functionality, it can also be utilized for laying out many other items for fabrication.

Patent No.: US 10,576,588 B2
The Lightning Rail works with DXF files to quickly and accurately print an entire stair stringer or handrail layout in minutes, allowing the fabricator to place their parts within the outlines. This process eliminates the need to manually lay out designs with tape measurers, squares, soap stone, etc. The fully automated CNC machine takes your drafting software design and prints the entire work piece on a rigid steel frame table in any configuration. Examples include picket railings, stair stringers, ladders, hangers and much more!
Time between jobs is drastically reduced — the marking ink takes only minutes to remove using a biodegradable, unscented solution. There is no paper to burn and no rescaling of equipment required after initial setup.
For the fabricator looking to maximize their production time and most importantly, profits, the Lightning Rail is a smart decision.

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“The guys love it. They jumped right in on it and have been working to make the most use of it. Great purchase.”

Nat Killpatrick • Basden Steel Corporation

“I think it is fair to say that this machine continues to exceed our expectations. We are VERY happy with it.”

Nick Morisset, COO • Koenig Iron Works, Long Island City NY

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